New-age workforce management for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Simplifying internal training and communication can make a huge impact on profitability. PocketTrainer is your ally in recovering lost revenue opportunities by keeping staff well-trained and up-to-date.

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Of restaurants fail within
the first year


Of restaurants fail within
4 years


Is the average lifespan of
a restaurant

We believe the Hospitality industry deserves a better future, where great job is delivered with a genuine smile. Our services centre around solving everyday pain points, providing people with the necessary tools to succeed in their careers.

Founder message

Janos Laszlo, Founder

Janos Laszlo

Working in hospitality is tough, and while it was a dream for me, it is a challenging business to be in. Employees do long and irregular working hours, the job is physical and often mentally draining. Expectations and pressure from higher management, colleagues and guests to perform at all times are real. The industry suffers from one of the highest staff turnovers among all industries, and it is one of the very few industries that let unskilled workforce enter the workplace. 9 out of 10 managers started in entry-level positions, so when they “make it”, reality kicks in; they have no experience in running operations or even training employees. They often lack the basic administrative and computer skills that are required to do their job efficiently well.

No wonder that about 60% of restaurants fail within the first year. 80% within 4 years, while the average lifespan of a restaurant is around 4 to 5 years. The industry deserves more, and the people who work in it definitely deserve more. PocketTrainer is here to lead that change.

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ROI Calculator

Currency: USD

Number of Employees: 100

Average Annual Salary: $30,000

Employee Turnover Rate: 20%

% of Employees That Are People Managers (HODs, HR): 10%

Yearly Revenue: $5,000,000

We do not collect your data.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue = (+5% of Yearly Revenue)

PocketTrainer is designed to optimize staff performance and sales, leading to more profitable organisation. While Gallup research shows a potential 18% sales increase from highly engaged staff, and other studies suggest a 10-25% revenue boost from thorough training, by default this calculator conservatively estimates a 5% revenue increase.

This reflects PocketTrainer's role in elevating sales through improved menu knowledge, fewer order mistakes, and enhanced table turnover, without overestimating the tool's impact.


Increase: 5%

Turnover Savings

Turnover Savings = (Number of Employees x your inputted Turnover Rate) x Turnover cost (20% of Average Annual Salary)

Turnover costs include recruitment expenses, selection processes, training time and materials, lost productivity during the learning phase of new hires, administrative tasks, the negative impact on team morale, and potential sales loss due to understaffing or diminished service levels.

By default, this calculator uses 5% of the average Annual Salary as turnover cost.


Saving: 20%

Management's Time Savings

Management Time Savings = Number of Managers x Number of Manager hours (48) saved per year

Managers can avoid hours spent on creating presentations and managing paperwork by centralising and digitising task management, internal communication and training activities. Enabling live updates from mobile devices reduces the need for extended hours in the office, putting managers back right where they belong: on the floor, looking after guests and staff.

Savings are quantified based on the assumption that managers save 1 hour per week (48 hours per year after deducting holidays).

480 hours

Saving: 48hrs

Trees Saved

Trees Saved = Number of Employees x Turnover x 90% less printing x 0.05 Tree

PocketTrainer subscription fees can be recovered only from eliminating what you currently print for employees: training materials, F&B bibles, checklists, SOPs, briefing sheets, rotas, event briefs, holiday forms, job descriptions etc. But, we approach this saving from a different perspective: sustainability.

Over two million trees are felled every day for global paper consumption. It is estimated that a standard pine tree, with 45ft of usable trunk and a diameter of eight inches, will produce around 10,000 sheets of paper. To consider this another way, printing 500 pieces of paper per employee a year will take one tree out for every 20 new employees you hire.

This calculator uses a 90% decrease in employee-related paper printing, based on 500 pieces of paper per employee a year, which is a very modest calculation.


Total Savings


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Faster onboarding

Increased average check

Reduced staff turnover

Lower operational cost

Smoother expansion

Improved company image

We simplify, centralise and digitalise your internal communication. Let it be storing and sharing SOPs, videos or quizzes, organise your training or checklists, we’ve got you covered. A wide range of modules are at your disposal to help your teams work efficiently.